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Our Company:
Elpro is a leading manufacturer of high quality dataloggers for both facility/equipment and in-transit monitoring compliant to GLP, GMP, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Central Monitoring with "Lab Monitor Plus":
The "Lab Monitor Plus" provides continuous monitoring and alarm to protect your equipment 24/7. With a system tailored to meet your needs, you can begin by monitoring just one piece of equipment and expand to 1000+ monitoring points in multiple geographic locations.

With both wired and wireless solutions available, the "Lab Monitor Plus" is redundant with multiple security/alarm features and automatic data download and archival. With our intuitive software, assign clear text names to sensors and loggers. Software packages range from basic monitoring and analysis to full audit trail with username and password protection. The status of the entire system can be viewed from any web browser.

With no recurring operating fees and no maintenance contract required, Elpro provides free lifetime technical support for a cost-effective solution.

In-Tranist Monitoring with Libero PDF Datalogger:
The Libero PDF datalogger requires no software or hardware at the destination to retrieve the data. Simply plug the Libero into any computer USB port to automatically generate a PDF/A report for long-term archiving. Elpro's new Libero Te1-P monitors temperatures from -200C to +200C, including LN2 shipments.

Libero as a Chart Recorder Alternative:
By eliminating chart paper maintenance and storage, the Libero provides a simple alternative to chart recorders. The Libero has a real-time LCD display with access to min, max, and average temperatures. Each Libero model has a visual alarm; however, an optional alarm bracket can be wired to a telephone dialer or in-house alarm for remote notification.