Building on more than a decade of dedication to blood safety, Novartis Diagnostics is developing a future of innovative solutions for preventive screening and the prediction of health outcomes.

Novartis Diagnostics products are used to test millions of blood donations around the world each year for pathogens such as HIV (the AIDS virus,) hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and West Nile Virus.

More than 80 percent of the U.S. blood supply is tested on Novartis Diagnostics systems to make sure they are safe for transfusion or use in other blood products.

Novartis Diagnostics pioneering work that has prevented transfusion-transmitted infections is the foundation for novel uses of blood-derived information to improve health outcomes.

Novartis Diagnostics mission is to create innovative preventive diagnostic solutions building on our strong presence in transfusion medicine. In addition to continued efforts to improve blood safety, we aim to prevent the spread of diseases in other settings by detecting pathogens early and to improve or predict health outcomes through novel uses of blood-derived information.