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ID Solutions for Healthcare, Blood Banks & Research Laboratories
Where data integrity is critical, Data2's 34 years of experience providing the healthcare and scientific community with FDA-compliant, reliable product identification and tracking labels can help.

Data2 has played a major role in everything from honey bee research to blood product supply chain logistics for the past 34 years. We're using that experience to help blood centers cut their costs and improve efficiencies all while providing better service and faster turnaround than the competition.

Pre-printed Labels
Data2's proprietary Digital Printing System (DPS) pre-prints durable bar code labels that stand up to rigorous healthcare and research environments, with emphasis on:

* Highly reliable scanning quality
* Image durability
* Adhesion to blood bags, test tubes, vials, trays, etc.
* Numeric sequence control to avoid duplicate and skipped numbers

On-demand Printing Products
We supply everything you need to self-print product labels at your site including blank labels, printers, and ribbons..

BCA Contract Pricing
As an approved BCA vendor, Data2 offers special prices to all of its members both large and small. A contract price list can be obtained from BCA (401) 381-0600 or Data2 (636) 278-8888 or by email

Easier Ordering and Inventory Management
Having the right amount of labels on hand is easy with Data2's inventory management interface - and it is free to label customers. Your existing system automatically talks to our system - no manual intervention required.

Our automated manufacturing processes allow us to cost-effectively deliver smaller quantities of labels to you as quickly as you need them. You no longer need to inventory large quantities of labels just to get a better price. This is just one of several cost saving processes available to you through Data2.