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Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC
Temperature Monitoring Systems for Any Application

Tutela Monitoring Systems provides web-based wireless temperature monitoring solutions to organizations in the blood and plasma industries. We have developed a significant client base within the blood/plasma donor community. Our clients include Grifols, Biotest, ADMA, KEDPlasma, ImmunoTek, and WuXi AppTec, among others. Our clients have chosen Tutela because of the simplicity of our system and our ability to provide easy access to data. We understand that in your industry compliance and inventory management are critical to your manufacturing process, as well as your bottom line.

The Tutela Genesis 3 System requires minimal IT involvement and there are never any software costs. We store your data in multiple off-site locations as well as on an on-site wireless alarm panel. Our custom-built dashboard can be set-up by region and alarm type, which allows your corporate team to conveniently monitor your remote locations easily. The dashboard provides a big picture view that can quickly drill down to a specific location to see exactly what is happening at a local level. This allows you to identify possible weak centers, regions, or processes from a corporate perspective. The strategic uses of our tools have proven to be very impactful on center operations. All of this information is accessible at your fingertips via any web-enabled device like your smartphone or tablet.

The Genesis 3 System is backed by a 24/7 voice response bureau that contacts you before your inventory or compliance status is compromised. Tutela is the only temperature monitoring company that provides you with the peace of mind that you get with a live call bureau. Fully audited email and SMS notifications are also available.

Tutela is ISO 17025 accredited for multi-point calibration which gives you the assurance that Tutela upholds the highest standards in calibration competency across the company and allows us to undertake the accredited calibrations to support your compliance needs.

Let us demonstrate to you how the Tutela System can fit seamlessly into your day-to-day operations.