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IRIS Sample Processing is a division of IRIS International located in Westwood, MA. For over 20 years StatSpin, dba Iris Sample Processing, has excelled as a manufacturer of innovative centrifuges and blood analysis products. The Statspin brand continues to be used for the successful line of rapid processing centrifuges. Thousands of systems are in use worldwide.

The new Statspin Express 4 high speed horizontal centrifuge is perfect for lean initiatives within the laboratory and produces serum or plasma in gels tubes in 3 minutes. The StatSpin® Express 3, primary tube centrifuge, holds 8 tubes up to 10 mL and produces high quality plasma/serum for both stat chemistry and coagulation testing in only 2 minutes. The StatSpin CytoFuge® 2 is a low-cost personal cytocentrifuge which includes Filter Concentrators for simple, clean cytology/body fluid slide preparations. We will also display its wide range of benchtop clinical centrifuges for lipemia clearing (with LipoClear®, StatSpins lipemia clearing agent), microhematocrits (featuring plastic SafeCrit ® tubes), and a DiffSpin® Slide Spinner for technique independent blood films. The StatSpin ThermoBrite, Slide Denaturation/ Hybridization System used in FISH testing will also be shown.