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Arlington Scientific, Inc., is a leading global medical technology company that develops, manufactures and sells in vitro diagnostics, medical devices, diagnostic analyzers and blood donor lounges. ASI remains focused on enhancing the quality and speed of diagnosing infectious diseases. ASI manufactures tens of millions of RPR tests annually for over 1,000 labs. As “Your Syphilis Authority™”, ASI’s emphasis and expertise is in syphilis diagnostic reagents and innovative analyzers.

Arlington Scientific provides the only syphilis screening test FDA cleared for diagnostics, blood screening and cadaveric use. ASI is also one of the very few companies that manufactures its own carbon antigen.

Arlington Scientific’s innovative spirit led to the development of the world’s first semi-automated digital particle analyzer designed for the objective interpretation of nontreponemal RPR tests. In December of 2017 Arlington Scientific, received FDA clearance for the ASI Evolution®, a fully automated RPR syphilis analyzer (510(k) BK170114), for use in blood donor screening. The ASI Evolution® is “one of the most significant innovations to syphilis testing in the last 30 years."

ASI’s other user-friendly serology products include TPHA, VDRL, ASO, SLE, MONO, CRP, RF, STAPH, SICKLE CELL and RUBELLA as well as a portfolio of FDA cleared ELISA test kits including CMV, Rubella, VZV, EBV, HSV, Toxo, Measles and mumps.

ASI’s American-made products and technologies, deliver accurate and reproducible results, provide laboratories with measurable benefits and lower cost healthcare.

ASI’s customers have always been our number one priority. Customers receive professional support from an educated and experienced technical staff. ASI’s growing base of loyal customers is a tribute to our service-oriented philosophy.

Arlington Scientific invites you to experience the difference. Evaluation kits for our serology products are available for free (current CLIA certificate required). Call today for your evaluation kit.