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SnacKit is the 'Pioneer' of 'Kitted' Donor Refreshments!

Industry Efficiency Experts Say: "to eliminate waste and wasteful steps, pre-packed, kitted donor refreshments reduce space, handling, shrinkage and set-up time".

Why SnacKit? Because SnacKit reduces warehouse requirements. A few pallets of SnacKits take up less space and require less handling then multiple pallets of numerous products.

Why SnacKit? Because your staff has more important things to do than to count out cookies, crackers, etc.

Why SnacKit? Because it is easier to take the inventory of a pallet or two of SnacKits vs. multiple pallets of numerous boxes of snacks and beverages.

Why SnacKit? Because each pallet and each SnacKit kit has one and only one expiration date to monitor vs. the numerous expiration dates in multiple pallets.

Why SnacKit? Because in the rare event of a recalled, contaminated product, SnacKit's tracking system can identify the location of the product and have it pulled off the market

Why SnacKit? Because SnacKit requires a minimal amount of "Touch Points". Simply put, the more "Touch Points" required to get snacks and drinks to your donors, the more man-hours and money are needlessly spent.

Why SnacKit? Because SnacKit's kitted convenience is compatible with LEAN and Six Sigma initiatives.

Each SnacKit consists of 24 individual servings of 100% juice and popular name-brand snacks that are conveniently packaged in two separate serving trays inside one sturdy case, making it easy for blood collection sites to provide refreshments to Blood Donors, be they in fixed centers or mobile units. SnacKits are also available in 'SnacKs Only' or 'Juice Only' kits.

In Summary, SnacKit:
* Assures safe, timely and cost effective refreshments to the blood donor while helping blood centers operate more efficiently

* Eliminates the time staff spends purchasing refreshments, sorting and packing, second-guessing quantities and warehousing opened boxes of snacks and drinks

* Is conveniently shipped on an as-needed-basis. Each compact box is designed to serve 24 servings of snacks and beverages, making it easy to transport and serve the proper numbers for a particular blood drive. In turn, this eliminates excess storage of opened food boxes and wasted product

* SnacKit meets FDA and HACCP guidelines for safe food preparation and handling

* SnacKit reduces transaction costs by reducing the numbers of vendors needed to efficiently supply your operation

* SnacKit keeps your valued Donor's happy and satisfied with refreshing, popular, brand-name juices and snacks!