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Mobile Designs, Inc manufactures blood-banking furniture, develops prototypes and new product ideas for the industry. Our Mobile Donor Lounges, Fixed Lounges, Privacy Partitions, and Supply Carts are ideal for blood banks, blood drives and donor screening. Our products are used worldwide and are extremely durable, some being in service for over 30 years.

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Lounges & Privacy Partitions

Lounges & Privacy Partitions

Donor comfort is why they come back!

Designed to adjust to treat donor reactions quickly and effectively. The arm rest adjusts to any position to accommodate different body sizes. Reclining style adds comfort by providing complete head, neck, and shoulder support that adjusts to fit the individual. Built of the finest materials for durability.

No electric power needed. Lounge can be lowered to accomodate the donor, eliminating step stools and it can be raised to accomidate staff needs with less bending over ALLEVIATING BACK STRAINS.

This Donor Bed features the thicker foamed cushions and can be tilted forward for easy entry, then reclined making it easier to treat donor reactions. Both armrests are designed to provide support and comfort, adjusting to virtually any position to allow ease of access for the donor and staff.

Weight Capacity - 400 pounds

Accessory items include:
MD 4002 Scale Mount
MD 4003 Arm Rest Pouch
MD 4004 DVD Holder (Screen sold separately)
MD 4006 IV Pole
MD 4007 Foot Cover (Clear)

We offer an assortment of fabric colors available at no additional charge to match your d├ęcor.
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